To Be Or Not To Be: A Measure of Being Stuck

Does it sometimes seem like other people are moving past you as they live their lives – dreams and wishes realized? Infuriating, isn’t it? Amidst the well-wishing, you can’t help but feel a little forgotten in life’s plan. What about me? you wonder, don’t I deserve good things too?

Well, do you?
What do you really think? Thoughts turn into action – and this is a sure way to assess what we are doing and where we’re going, so if life is passing you by, it’s because you are stuck thinking and not doing.
When our thoughts turn into what about me? and remain this way, a thing called bitterness creeps into our lives. Feelings of being forgotten are indicative of latent bitterness and self-pity. These aspects of despair have nothing to do with progress. Wallowing in this pond will not release you into the sea, and one day, if not today, the gravity of your mistake will hit you. You wasted time, you did not take the necessary steps to help yourself, you allowed the lie defeat your life.
Hard truths are required where stubborn spirits are concerned. You probably didn’t think I’d say this from the way I started the conversation, but I want you to see where your thinking may be skewed, and it’s not empathy you need here, it’s a hard kick to get you off your behind. Stop sleeping! 

Life is happening to the people around you because they are moving. It may look like others are getting it easy but you don’t share their minds or shoes so what do you really know? And yes, life can be unfair and brutal, we all have experiences of this – you’re not the first, and won’t die the last, but you will die amongst the numbers that allowed this to define you.
What gives you joy in this life? Are the reasons getting less as the days go by? That’s a product of your thoughts and inaction. We reap what we sow, and what you see are the seeds you’ve planted. So what are you going to do? Find an excuse out of this one, accept and continue wallowing, or do something different today?
To Be Or Not To Be: A Measure of Being Stuck

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