[Guest Post] Almighty Human by Demis Odanga

I’ve got the power!!” ~ Snap
“With great power comes great responsibility…”.
That’s what uncle Ben told Peter Parker, a.k.a Spiderman. Just another quote in a movie……or is it? Does it make logical sense that the more power one has, the greater the responsibility?

Maybe we should define power. In Spiderman, Peter gets bitten by a genetically modified spider and by some biochemical miracle, acquires super human strength and agility.

For someone with such an advantage over the seven billion of us, does he have a responsibility to use this for good? And why “good” anyway? It’s his body. He should be able to do whatever he pleases with it. Why bother helping anyone when one could join the UFC, and become the best pound-for-pound fighter that ever lived. 

Let’s bring it home. “The Oracle of Omaha,” Warren Buffet has consistently been among the wealthiest people alive. He’s fully aware of his advantage over most of the world’s population, but proceeded to create together with Bill and Melinda Gates, a giving pledge initiative geared towards billionaire signatories committing to give half of their wealth toward a good cause. Who in his/her worst state of mind would do that? Apparently Warren Buffet, and approximately 105 other billionaires. Maybe that’s why they are where they currently are.
Strength and money aren’t the only measures of power. One can have the power of influence, and use it for good like Martin Luther King Jr…or not-so-good, like Adolf Hitler. Parents have the greatest power of influence over their child’s life. There’s intellectual power. There’s even appointed forms of power. Anyone appointed as the president of the United States of America officially becomes one of the most powerful men on earth. One such president phrased it very well; “nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power” – Abraham “Abe” Lincoln.
The question then becomes, do we all posses some sort of power? Do we know what powers we individually possess? We say children have power – the power to change the future. Sometimes however, that power can clash with the power of influence from the parents which brings about a new generation of old habits. I digress.

The human race is the most powerful species in the solar system, if not universe (pending proof). Do we all then have any responsibility whatsoever to use this advantage for good – the good of all that inhabits this planet? I think we do… then again, I am entitled to my own wrong opinion.


Demis Odanga is based in London, Canada. He works fulltime, is educated in the Engineering field, and loves to write and perform in various Arts disciplines.

[Guest Post] Almighty Human by Demis Odanga

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