Being Authentic For Your Audience

Freelance writers are required to tailor their products to specific audiences. The internet audience meanwhile, is becoming more aware of the information out there – its not easy to pass inauthentic material to the visual consumer. You dear reader, can smell fake writing a mile away.

Here’s the thing…anything you do produces a sense of smell. You have experienced this idea in your life… think back to the salesperson’s motives that were abundantly clear to you as s/he advanced, or the complicated explanations provided by a loved one trying to pull a fast one. We have an inbuilt capacity to detect falsehood. What we do with the revelation is up to us.
This truth is extended to those areas in your existence lacking life. You may be happy to be a spouse, parent or worker, but sometimes – the joy in your role just isn’t there. Your interest is waning, and the smell of falsehood begins to permeate as quality reduces. What can we do at those moments?
Think of your audience. It could be your spouse, your child, your student, your colleague, or the shop-keeper. It doesn’t matter who, there is someone watching you, and learning you from how you carry yourself. In moments where you lose the spark or fire, think about what your best approach should be. Learn to default to your authentic self. This means that no matter the situation, you are true to the base idea of who you are, and where you can be accused of being raw and real, falsehood will not be your title.
Being Authentic For Your Audience

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