Fear’s Lies

You know how fear works? It shows up at every curve in your life, offering an alternative choice to one your heart is suggesting. It tells you why that plan won’t work, why you shouldn’t listen to it, how such an idea has failed in the past, how life doesn’t work like that for you – be smart, fear says. OK, you say.

Fear whispers suggestions in your ear, causes your chest to rise a little. It tells you to arm up, prepare for war, be on the offensive – you don’t wanna get hurt now, do you? No, you say. That’s the same as saying, OK.

Fear wins when it convinces you that you are in fact living.

So what is the alternative to fear?

Fear, my friend, will always reside side by side with you. It is there to steal, kill and destroy the joy of life. It will be the death of you, unless you rise above it and use it as your tool. You see that? You have to turn the head on fear. You have to step on its head and say, “lie down, be still and be gone.” That’s not easy. That’s why fear’s winning.

Only one thing’s greater than fear… only because that one thing is greater than anything. Its that one thing fear tells you is foolishness, idle and baseless thought – God. OK. So say we still wanna hear more…what does this God have to say.

Look up the below in the Bible. If not, read this and be open to seeing it revealed in your life. I promise you, no matter what route you take, you will find your way to the Bible.

God’s Promises

God says that He is and there is no other god before Him. That speaks to the hierarchy order where fear is concerned.

God says that He created everything, and that includes the Father of Lies, the seed which is fear. That speaks to Authority.

God says that He created you with a purpose to your name. That speaks to your inner strength and what is planted in you to overcome your fears.

God says that He will never leave you alone, not even in death and that He is ordering your steps. That speaks to what you can choose to believe in the face of fear.

The secret and beauty to God is simple. Either you trust Him or not. That’s it. That choice is yours. He knows your reality, understands so much better what you are staring at. He is saying trust me. The promise is that once you take that small step, that YES step – OK, I will try things your way…. Things Change.

Why? Because God does what He says He will do – He steps in and He conquers your fears…one day at a time, so that you can enjoy the fullness of the life He gave to you.


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