Mustard Seed Faith

A good use of money is to ensure that we put some into investments, debt and savings. In North America, not many people are able to divy up their pay cheques into these brackets in addition to paying regular bills. It is highly advisable though. If you have money left to spare, forgo the shopping spree and divide it three ways; pay down your debt, place some in a savings account for those emergencies or a planned shopping, and invest the rest in what will give you returns after a while.

I want to speak on faith. I use the money example because this is something a lot of us can relate to. We have big plans, and little money. Our plans are dictated by what amount of money we possess. I want us to take this analogy and think of it in terms of faith. Where and how do we deposit our faith?

Our hopes and dreams are what we can call plans, and our faith the currency. Where would it make sense to place what currency we have for maximum output? In our hopes? Our dreams? What happens when they don’t materialize, or we realize we are fast running out of faith (currency)? Usually – we place our plans to the side, or sink into a hole of depression. Better yet, we turn and place the blame on God. This is human nature – been there, done that.

Jesus offers us a different solution. He asks that we place our faith in Him. This is the hardest part, trusting that God will not fail us, or forget the desires of our heart. Yet, God makes specific promises to us if we do go ahead and trust Him. He promises to never leave us, and that if we put our faith in Him, He will be our fortress, stronghold and vindicator.

If we genuinely place our faith in God, we seek Him. We actively pursue Him as the beginning, middle and end of our destinies. It would be the same as investing our change in a savings account – you are more liable to care about how your money is doing. God takes our desires and aligns them with His. Do you know why? It is so that He may fulfill them.

God promises to give us the desires of our heart if we seek and place Him first. When we deposit what little faith we have in God, He works on them to ensure maximum output. Now this is the same God that created galaxies we are still uncovering – nothing we ask is too great for our God. Regardless our initial intention, we can rest assured that He will take our mustard seed faith, and turn it into fruitful trees, whose branches will spread out and be a blessing beyond our comprehension.

Mustard Seed Faith

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