On Trials & Tribulations: When God Puts You Through The Fire

There may come a period of testing in your life that will leave you unwilling to step out of bed to face the world. You may be tired of putting on a brave face and giving others your characteristic iron will, when all you really feel like doing is curling up in a corner and crying. Since this thought is not an option, you continue to wear your armour and face the battles and enemies that await. 

Swivelling through thoughts of passive and aggressive resistance, submission and fight, your good and bad days turn into “one moment at a time,” in response to the failing nature of your moods and actions. One moment you are hopeful, the next despondent. One time you feel elated, another subdued. In one space you rejoice over God’s providence, in the next breath you feel singled out. 

You cry out for peace, resolution, fortitude, and then a right mind to do and endure what is required of you. Scripture will encourage you sometimes, and condemn you in others. It feels like you are walking up an endless flight of stairs, and just when you’re about to reach the top, realize you barely completed the first set of steps.
I ask that you read the Bible and pray about this statement:
–          A trying time in your life is purposed by God for your good
Hold on, what! How can you say that? Everything’s a mess! How can anything good possibly come out of this?!
This is asked throughout the pages of the Bible. The Bible greats did not unilaterally jump up and down and shout, “Me! Pick me! Put me through the fire, Lord! I want your testing, I want your trials, I want it!” There was a lot of uncertainty, confusion, shirking, rejection and negotiation. 

Mother Mary did not run away from her blessed trial, but she did ask how it could come about, based on her reality. Job despaired at his situation as he struggled to keep the faith. King David wept over his trial with his illegitimate child’s health, Jeremiah petitioned God at death’s doors, Mordecai tore his clothes at his people’s death sentence, Sarah scoffed at the promise of a child in old age, Tobias prayed to die in the midst of his struggles, his daughter-in-law Sarah prayed for death in light of her marriage issues, Jesus was petrified before He entered into His passion….the list goes on.
I ask that you think about your understanding of God’s promises, and pray about how to believe them over your life so you may accept this:
–          You are about to receive a promotion  
–          God is drawing you closer to Him
Beloved, one moment at a time is what you can do. Agree to be your friend, amp up the prayer for guidance, and take on the challenge of a walk by faith and not sight. God has a way of blotting out tears and pain, and what He gives is far greater than what He asks of us. 

If you are going through a period of testing, know that God has His eye on you. He has a plan with your name on it. You are being prepared for something good.
On Trials & Tribulations: When God Puts You Through The Fire

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