Grass Is Greener On The Other Side: A Portrait

Once, I went on a long-weekend trip to a different province with a bunch of friends in multiple vehicles. I started off as a passenger in a friend’s car and as soon as we got in and buckled, he belted out a set of rules. Included was the “no drinking in the car clause.” Well, for a party-girl who enjoyed a sip or two on a journey, I was peeved. On top of that, we weren’t allowed to change the radio station. I wondered what I set myself up for.
I looked forward to our first stop because my plan was to bail and jump into a different car. I even knew which one… it was the fun one… where we could all already hear music blaring from speakers, people laughing and doing whatever they pleased. I felt like I was missing out, and grumbled all the way to our first stop. The driver wasn’t moved. He simply stated that one was free to leave if s/he wished.
Soon as I could, I jumped ship and sat in the party-car. It was marvelous. I was happy, excited, drinking and listening to loud music, a far cry from the radio talk show that lulled us in the previous car. Well… couple hours in, I was dehydrated and tired with the beginnings of a terrific migraine. The loud beats were noise, the conversations loud, superficial and boring, and we had many hours on the road left to go. At a fuel stop, I humbly walked back to the first car. Instant bliss.
Grass Is Greener On The Other Side: A Portrait

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