On Valentines & Lent

This is Valentine’s week. There are some who don’t care (notice), others who live for it and yet more who dread this time of year, as though it were a yearly love-life performance review. This week I’m going to ask you to look at your personal love-life, the one you have with yourself and God who created you, and ask you how you think it’s going.
For a lot of people, this relationship just doesn’t exist. There may be a God, but He is definitely not in their everyday thoughts or actions. Well then, how about yourself, how are you with yourself – do you take time out to introspectively look at how amazing you are as a human being on this planet? If not, why? We are all busy, all have things to do… what’s a couple minutes a day or time looking at your “personal” resume, and noting what you’d like to change, improve or start? 
If you show self-interest, care about your emotional, physical and spiritual welfare, develop your interests, and strive to fight your base nature for a personal higher ideal… you may find that Valentines is every day in your life. You are in love with you, and if you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, in love with God and His awesomeness.
So it’s also the beginning of Lent. Instead of giving up a physical vice for 40 days, maybe we can embark on a wilderness adventure of stripping  elements that don’t better us, and build up the good qualities we know we have. I have a problem letting go of some things. It’s my nature, but I take on the challenge to drop baggage where it belongs – the past. There is a great biblical story to this end, and I reflect on it for revelation and strength. In the book of Genesis, Lot’s wife looked back at a destroyed past, and turned into a pillar of salt. To look back is to get stuck. As a Christian, to look back is to doubt what God is doing in my life. This invites sin in the form of self-pity and doubt. These things have nothing to do with progress or life.
What are you working on this Lent? And have a wonderful Valentine’s week. If you’re happy,  praise God. If you’re lonely, seek God. That is one love-life you definitely don’t want to miss out on.
On Valentines & Lent

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