Life Unfolds As It Should: How To Live

Here is a very simple concept to grasp: Life unfolds as it should. I’m speaking to you believer of Christ, because sometimes this idea and Christianity don’t seem to go hand in hand, yet it should. Let’s start off with what our Saviour implores us to do; He asks us not to be anxious for anything, and with grateful hearts, to present our petitions to God (Phil 4:6). This verse captures fundamental points in the pursuit of personal happiness.

It tells us to present everything to God – the good and the bad, and the great promise behind this is that God will make our paths straight (Prov 3:5-6). We are also told to be grateful (Phil 2:14-16) and the great promise behind speaking to our Creator with adoration lies in what He will do with our desires (Psalm 37:4). There is a reason we are warned to steer clear of anxiety – anxiety is a thief that steals, kills and destroys (John 10:10). Its easy to look at an unpleasant situation and give into despair; its an act against the grain to look at the same situation, and refuse to give in to how we feel; trusting instead that in time, the God to whom we turned to in prayer will work out His answer.

Maybe you’ve been praying a lot, tried in your own way to do the best you can, and yet what you see couldn’t be farther from hope if it tried. What I am saying is that regardless, please remember that much the same way you had no control or knowledge about how you came about (that is, you could not control your being born the same way the formation of a galaxy is out of your hands), you have no idea what God is doing in the background of your life or the situation that you are praying about. It really is true that ours is to trust in life unfolding as it should, to be still so that the Lord can fight for you (Exodus 14:13-14).

Now a common misconception with this idea is in that you are not an active agent in your life, that you should just sit there and shrug time away. That’s not true. You must be wise, and the proper application of God’s commandments teach us how to be wise. For example, learning not to be anxious builds character and the ability to make sound decisions. Your energies are then better utilized on what you could be doing, not what is out of your control.

Trading anxiety for peace also increases faith as you become aware of how great your God always is in light of your problems. You don’t have to have a back-and-forth with Him as you learn to be still, you now know how to present your petition to Him. Better yet, gratitude, which is truly one of the greatest attributes to have, holds up your spirit in immeasurable ways, allowing you to see the blessing in each situation, and for those completely out of the grasp of knowledge and understanding, the peace to continue walking and believing. What are your thoughts?
Life Unfolds As It Should: How To Live

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