Why You Should Let God Work On Your Best Intentions

Think about what you do and why – only you know what’s happening in the back-burner because this is your life. To others, you may be portraying the opposite of what you think, feel and act. Its a human condition to want to live one’s best;  make the best choices for the situations in your life, and should you be a business person, guardian or in a position of authority – an endless task in ensuring a favorable outcome. How are things working out for you?

There’ll always be costs to our decisions, and prices to pay for our lifestyles. In bringing up our children to the best of our ability, we may isolate or injure them with some of the ways we treat them. Sometimes a business decision means someone is without a roof or food (cutbacks), and often, decisions mean that we cut people or things off to work on certain areas in our lives (sacrifices). Regardless, how comfortable are we with the price we must pay to achieve our goals, and how can you protect your investment called living?

Let God have the upper hand. You are a capable, autonomous individual, yet you are also a part of a larger system at work. Nothing starts and ends with you, and your best intentions sometimes pave roads of hell for others and yourself. This is because you don’t have the insight to see your life spread out from start to finish, nor can you appreciate some of the experiences you’ve had, or will have for what they brought to you and others. God sees everything, and by letting Him at your best intention and endeavour, you are asking Him to protect you and the choices you have made, so that when all is said and done, good and not pain are the fruits you produce. What are your thoughts?

Why You Should Let God Work On Your Best Intentions

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