A Portrait: What A Stubborn Spirit Looks Like

We have a certain way of thinking and operating because of things that have taken place in our lives. We are control-freaks for a reason. We make plans not because we are bored but because we have to. We have no one to rely on. If people can’t accept or understand us, that is their problem.

We too have hearts. We feel as much as our other senses operate. We are very good at keeping our dark thoughts and feelings to ourself. We may be hard to reach at these times, but again, it is what it is. Those who know and understand us, will stay.

We have a strong sense of morality. This is determined by our realities. Our lives are not clear-cut, and this allows us to be more understanding of others’ peculiarities. We know and acknowledge our strangeness, and it has served us well. We bear our consequences alone, masters of our lives. Those we hurt along the way know what we are – its not personal.

For the most part, we do more for others than is known. We don’t know how to accept compliments, and mete out severe punishment upon ourselves for what we do wrong. This mainly features where we have been wronged. We must ensure it never happens again. We are not afraid to apologize, just need a good reason to. Sometimes its better to leave things alone.

We are alone. We will die a horrible death. We are not worthy, we do not see good things. Nothing lasts forever, and we are always prepared for the worst. Good things come with a price, we wait to pay for it. There is no God, and if there is, He does not answer us.

A Portrait: What A Stubborn Spirit Looks Like

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