Power of Thought – You Ready To Be Happy? (Part 4)

The following has an original publish date of April 2011.
Changes: The series is redacted.

We are all not exempt from happiness and discovering our true joys and purpose. Hindrances are man-made, self-imposed and regulatory, born of self-importance. Holding the ego in high esteem is our detriment as this only serves to define, explain and perpetuate our world.

In accepting paths and limits set by us, we restrict capacity for growth and greatness. This enables status quo. The vindication experienced from failed attempts at success as experienced by those we watch, further drives the idea of accepting one’s station in life. The truth is, all tools inherent in us are designed for our growth and happiness. They are mostly turned off or dulled down due to social and individual constraints that work to determine that things will not change.

To think on, let alone dare allow change in perception and action is scary, and though we desire change, many are not prepared for what comes with it. Once we understand the origin of our limitations and strip ourselves of them, we proceed without fear.

You are what you think

We create our realities by the thoughts we allow that turn into action. We know this.  For the most part, we need to eat, sleep, work, and do what we need to in the lives we’ve created. There’s no room for wishful thinking. In doing this, we fail to understand that time is man-made. 

It has nothing to do with goals, and plans, and yet somewhere along the line, we made time everything. It is dictated by our idea of self and others. We use others as references for time; what should be and should have been accomplished, for what can and cannot be. We use our own timeline to decide whether we’re successful or not.

You become what think

If we incorporate self-awareness into our lives we subdue thoughts that are detrimental to our wellbeing. By no means am I advocating a false sense of happiness, rather, a stop-check function on our thoughts to weed out the ones that are definitely not working. Once we have honest interrogations and discussions with ourselves we are able to understand our past and existing choices and paths.

What we do to ourselves and others in terms of negative impact becomes clearer, and once instituted into our lives, hard to accept and perpetuate. As we learn more about ourselves, we fall in love with the being that was fearfully and wonderfully made, and seek only what is best for us and therefore others. We believe in things that we can acquire or achieve, and time stops being of the essence.  What are your thoughts?
Power of Thought – You Ready To Be Happy? (Part 4)

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