How To Deal With Stubborn Spirits

A stubborn spirit is one whose determined to govern his/her thoughts and actions against a personal framework irrespective of the outside world. This is an otherwise positive attribute turned destructive, for as the individual grows and blossoms in his/her world, those closest bear the weight of selfish decisions. Stubborn kicks in when the individual acknowledges and affirms debilitating personality traits, fully cooperating in their existence with no goal toward change.

How do we deal with the stubborn spirits in our lives? First by recognizing which one of them we are. We are a product of our biology, environment and experiences. Over time and from our youth, we learn and determine aspects of our personalities that maintain self-preservation. A quick look at what we do for a living lets us know where our personality, dreams and choices flow. How we deal with pain and fear is where our defence mechanisms kick in. Quickly examine how you respond to situations that evoke suffering and pain to learn your delineation.

In dealing with and not accepting our monsters, we allow change to take place. This is the antithesis of a stubborn spirit – we reject stagnancy in favor for growth, and with it the pain and fear that build (not break) character. 

How To Deal With Stubborn Spirits

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