Broken Links – When Praying For Peace Turns Into Broken Homes

Ever prayed for peace and prosperity in your home, to wake up to various bomb-shells and cracked eggs where once a family stood? Do you sometimes look about you and wonder if you’ll ever see the day when your people can sit at the table, share a laugh or open doors to homes once more? Are there any sleepless nights spent wondering whether you have reached your limit in giving, caring and forgiving – for each new incident feels like an assault that opens old wounds and burns them with salt?

These are troubling times and families’ bonds are being severely tested if not separated. What once effortlessly described the idea of family has turned into an ambiguous understanding that shifts like clouds over the moon on a starless night.

Family is no longer blood relatives who are first to think the worst of you, friends who are quick to throw you under the bus, unforgiving spouses and resentful children, but families now made up of strangers Рpeople who are quick to encourage, understand, support and value each other. Notice who you have stopped aligning yourself with, and who you now seek out more of? Inner awareness of what and especially who makes you happy is contributing to broken links, so that when you look about, you mourn the ending relationships and simultaneously rejoice over the new and strengthening ones.

Media’s opinions, families’ wishes, friends’ judgements cease to help define your path – you discover you have known it all along. Quick harsh words, texts and emails fall off your shoulders like rain drops on a coat as you place “well-intended” thoughts in the basket they belong to. Interesting isn’t it, that as things appear to fall apart around you, you feel yourself getting healthier and stronger?

Your prayer for peace and prosperity is not ignored. There are things that first must take place and that is your relationship with God, before you employ Him over the lives of others. Sometimes things must fall apart, links broken and gaps created so that in every crater, hole, dip and volcano, God can fully seep in and prepare you to become the person and instrument that can help forge and maintain peaceful and prosperous relationships.

Broken Links – When Praying For Peace Turns Into Broken Homes

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