[Guest Post] Find The Beauty Within By Karen Laverty

I was not always a bundle of joy. I was critical, judgemental and envious to name a few. It’s how I was raised, so I never questioned these qualities. Then, disaster struck. My beloved son left me to live with his father, the year after we moved into our new home my dad just suddenly up and died, and the following year my husband got lung cancer.

Listed are just some of the things that took place, and while my daughter was hospitalized with pneumonia, I gave my commitment to God. Once this took place, I realized the person I was was unacceptable and went about changing myself into who I am now. I won’t lie, it was really hard and took determination and time. I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned.

You can create beauty anywhere, in any way. You first have to find the love within yourself to put it out there in any form whether it be letting your inner beauty shine through, or some sort of artistic endeavour.

For me, love kindness and consideration is beauty. Someone hurt and vulnerable is beauty. An autumn leaf, clouds moving through the sky, my best-friend’s love… it’s all beauty. To know you’re good, kind and compassionate and to offer these qualities to others without expectation is beauty.

Laughter is very important. It is a big part in finding you. You have to laugh. You’re not meant to be critical of yourself – remember you’re supposed to love yourself not despise who you are now. You’re not actually creating a “new” you – what you’re doing is stripping off all the old baggage picked up while growing up, and ways you changed because of people’s opinions.

Here’s an example of how we change ourselves. Women are prone to take on the personality that their significant other finds attractive. We become who and what we need to be to gain their love, never asking what it was that first attracted that person to us. We need to go through layer after layer to try to discover who we really are. Historically, we learn that it’s not good to love ourselves – it’s egotistical. Really? If you can’t love yourself then where do you get the capacity to love someone else?

My final bit of advise is this – don’t for a moment concern yourself with other people’s opinion. It’s not a bad thing to be who you were meant to be. I keep myself balanced by realizing that people act and react in certain ways because of their experiences. 

For example, if I didn’t experience the above situations that forced me to search for beauty to get lost in, I would never have learned how to adopt positive thinking, or express myself in paper flower arrangements, beaded jewelry, and writing amongst other talents. 

At the end of the day I believe that everything unfolds exactly as it’s meant to, and that you have to be able to accept beauty in order to find it because if you can’t accept that something is beautiful then, in your eyes, it’s not.

Karen Laverty is based in Toronto, Canada. In addition to being a wife, mother and in full-time employment, Karen is a blogger (www.karen-laverty.blogspot.com), a creator of beaded jewelry, and paper flower arrangements. 

[Guest Post] Find The Beauty Within By Karen Laverty

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