New Years Resolution? I Think Not!

Forget waiting for the New Year … start your resolution the minute you make it. I’ll tell you why.

It’ll probably take a while for what you’ve decided to become resolute, and instead of building momentum for a future date you can start now so that by your target date… you’re well on your way.

Build-up is not a good thing because ideas ruminate while you create expectations. Projected outcomes are based on imaginary desires with little concrete foundation and well – we’ve all been there… it can be quite a crash. It may take some time to get up and dust off from the debris of our cracked bubble. So why go through this process expecting different results?

Start now. Don’t write down a list of things you need to do – your spirit knows you. It doesn’t need to be told what to do, you are not in school. The moment a thought enters your head however, acknowledge and act on it. Before long, you’ll get into the rhythm of doing, and better still, the natural flow of progression.
Happy New Year folks!
New Years Resolution? I Think Not!

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