Still Waiting For Your Good News?

Waiting is quite the exercise in patience, and yet sometimes this is the only way we learn to muster quiet faith and determination. Many things I have are as a result of a long wait and years ago, for a very long time, I cursed God for not answering my prayers, forgetting me or giving me the complete opposite of what I asked for. One day, I simply stopped praying.

That is now not the case and with each prayer, I am glad to know that He listens and answers. The trick is to learn what to pray for and when – and this takes a lot of praying, learning and practicing what one learns. My motives can’t be self-serving no matter how well the intentions, and better yet, I must appreciate that my Father sees my future whereas I only see my wants, and so I must respect His decisions and timing.

A thing about waiting for something is that once it comes knocking – long after you’ve shelved the idea of receiving – your next step determines what you do with what you now have. It will be exactly what you need, just not in the package or format you want. What are you going to do about that? It’s here… it could present itself as a challenge, a puzzle, an opportunity or plain-to-see gift, but how do you best show gratitude for receiving what you’ve always wanted?

Over-indulgence is usually the first reaction. You’ve waited so long that the world stops moving for a moment while you fully relish your treasure. While that is understandable, one can only play with the gift’s wrapping and how it looks for so long. It has a function, a purpose – do you remember what it is? Why did you want or need this thing or person in your life to begin with? 

Gratitude is revealed when you thank God for giving you what you have patiently waited for and then set about its purpose. This teaches us not to stand still with good or bad news, to keep things in perspective, and most importantly, not shift aspects of our lives so that we place the item or person before God.
Still Waiting For Your Good News?

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