[Guest Post] I Had a Dream by Demis Odanga

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them – Walt Disney.

I had a dream once; I woke up, took a shower, had breakfast, brushed my teeth and caught my bus on time. I’d later realize I was still in bed, yet every cell in my body was convinced it all happened. I felt the water trickle down my back, smelled the bread in the toaster and heard the water boil in the kettle. I even saw the bus come and pick me up.

I had another dream; I was staring out the window into the cloudless, starry sky, and amongst the stars, lo and behold, was Saturn and Jupiter. In this dream, Saturn was the size of a full moon, and you could only see a part of Jupiter.

While everything in the first dream came to pass, divine intervention would be required for the second, which begs the question; what is a realistic dream, and can all dreams come true? When you talk to others about pursuing dreams, you realize just how relative the reality of a dream is. One may dream of becoming the next Bill Gates, a child from the projects may dream of becoming a doctor – to others, both could be very unrealistic.

So who’s to say whether a dream is realistic or not? Now, it’s one thing to dream of what already exists; – Bill Gates is as human as any of us and worth a pretty penny. And there are numerous doctors from all walks of life around the world. This gives us a background of reference for these dreams’ realness. What of a dream with no background of reference?

Before the 6th century BC, the world was flat – period, and then there was Pythagoras. Before December 17th 1903, man couldn’t fly – and then there were the Wright brothers. In a sense, these two examples act as a background of reference; not to any particular dream, but to an idea – that some dreams will defy the laws of science. Some dreams will be unrealistic to 99.999% of the world’s population. Here enters the notion that some dreams will ask the “impossible” of you. The only question to answer is do you have the courage to pursue it? Can you resist and master your fear rather than avoid it?

I believe dreams are as personal as underwear, and should be treated as such. You wear it – you own it. Your underwear is no one else’s business but yours; so are your dreams. And what anyone else thinks of your dreams is none of your business. If they mind, they won’t matter, and if they matter, they won’t mind. At the end of it all, the only variable factor in the equation of achieving your dreams is you, and the choice is yours.

Demis Odanga is based in London, Canada. He has post-secondary education in the Engineering field and currently works full-time. In addition to this, Demis is a stage actor and most recently played the part of Othello at the Arts Project Gallery in his home town this summer.
[Guest Post] I Had a Dream by Demis Odanga

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