I Don’t Feel Like It

“I don’t feel like it,” sometimes works when we’re having a bad day. Its the permission we give ourselves to take a break, and it feels good. This becomes a problem though, when we turn it into a bad habit… and instead of doing what we should, justify what we won’t.

We’re not helping ourselves and that’s definitely not a friendly move on our behalf, when we forgo what we should do in favour of procrastination and laziness. Yet… we have moments, days or even months when we are in a bad place, and can’t seem to get up let alone gather the will to do anything positive for us. What are we to do on those days?

You won’t like what I say. We have to push ourselves on those days.

It won’t be easy, and as someone whose dealt with clinical depression since my teenage years, I can tell you some days will feel like a black, endless hole – but this is all the more reason to push forward. We teach ourselves what habits to tolerate, and pushing through no matter what is a process you’ll want to be interested in.

You’ll be proud of your decision to keep going through the rough – even if its two small items that you set out to do that day, go ahead and complete them. You build your resilience, ability to bounce back from calamity, spot and grab opportunities, and your life will move forward – not backward with the circumstance.

I Don’t Feel Like It

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