Time and Dreams : A Thought on God, Trees and Fruits

Soil, trees and fruits are used a lot in the Bible so its time to talk a little about them and what some of these symbols mean in your life when it comes to patience with seeing good things.

We are told what type of tree we become by inclining our ear to God’s word. You become one whose roots are dependent on soil that nurtures and grows. Whatever your reason for seeking God at the moment, He has a way of undeniably changing your life in a fashion most natural to you. He is the ultimate Tree of Life and is interested in turning you into one too. He is looking to prune the diseased branches, dependent branches that cling onto other plants, and deadened stubs that don’t bear leaves or fruit. If God is in it He will succeed in your situation.
A healthy tree is pleasing to look at, and these are the plants God is interested in having in His garden. He is invested in each creation, but most certainly the ones that respond to His ways, much as you would your attentive children, flowers or projects. He will prune, pluck, bend, water, change pots – the list goes on – for however long it takes to produce the tree that will bear its best fruit for the duration of the tree’s life. 
The use of the word tree in the Bible is very deliberate to me. How long does the average tree grow to maturity? Depends, right? An oak is different from a pine, from a sycamore, and from a willow etc. Trees will not grow overnight, and for a lot of them, may take several generations to become what they are intended to be. So it is with you. You are not an overnight wonder that the Lord will leave you to blow in the wind like a leaf, or chop you down once He determines you are unable to produce good fruit at first season. He knows only too well, and better than you could ever understand, just what kind of a tree you are.
Notice that the beginning paragraph spoke of patience and good things, and this essay touches more on spiritual/emotional growth? This is the point where patience ties in. God knows all your hopes, dreams and desires. He also knows each one’s outcome. He wants the best for you and better yet that you be as He is, which is Holy. In order to enjoy the good things that you want, you first must grow (tree) up (fruitful).
You must be a fitting tree in the garden that will stand the weight of the fruits you bear without a fall (pride), provide shade to those beneath you (charity), grow tall (wise) and firm (faith) against the forces that will undoubtedly hit you (life). What does lighting strike in a field? In the face of a strong wind, what length of tree is likely to break? 
The roots, and the trunk of the tree, the strength of its branches and usefulness of its fruit take a very long time to come about. Be patient, God is working. He is replacing your soil so that you stand on solid ground. He is fixing any disease and decay in the bones of the tree so you may prevail against the winds of circumstance. He is pruning your branches so you do not have to lean unhealthily on other plants – dependent on them for your identity, thus survival. 
God is fixing your core, so your fruit may be plentiful, pleasing to the eye and good to eat. All this takes time. This builds character, and when the Gardener steps back and appraises His work – you too will have a chance to partake in His glory. You will be glad you chose to do things His way.
Time and Dreams : A Thought on God, Trees and Fruits

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