Who Are The Sheep Who Hear His Voice?

A young man was born into a poor family once upon a time, and quietly grew into wisdom, to start preaching when He was about 30 years old. Simple message really – I am the Son of God, the promised Messiah, the healer and forgiver of sins.

Okay, really? Really, Jesus? And what are we to do with that? The world said back to Him. 

 Follow me. Taste and see. Jesus responded.

Yeah…about that…that’s funny, but I think not. Kinda too busy living a real life.

Jesus understood this. Yes…I have prepared a banquet, and all my invited guests have nothing but excuses not to come. So I am sending out for all the unwanted, the misfits, the judged, the lost sheep…those will hear my voice and come to me.

The world was getting angry – someone shut this boy up, He is an egotistical, presumptuous creature – here to show us how we are all wrong, and He is right.

Oh, but Jesus knew this already, and reminded them that pride would come before their fall – when they put Him to His death. Yet what the world did not understand, that His beggars, misfits, unfortunates, sick and discarded sheep knew – what the devil meant for evil, God meant for good.

Its every book of the Bible… how God moves His purpose in the everyday lives – how He forewarns, promises and carries them all out to fruition – How His will alone will pass. He tells us too about our lives – so that where the world sees a dead god, a self-evolving chaotic place … His sheep hear His voice, gather where He surrounds, and watche their mighty, moving and living God with bated breath.
Who Are The Sheep Who Hear His Voice?

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