What Does God Do With Our Tears?

Gotta love the stressed Christian. The God-loving, self-professed, Bible thumping human, tight face filled with worry lines and volatile relationships all around. 

This individual needs grace and mercy, because s/he is merely trying to live what the Bible says – don’t worry, don’t complain, don’t give into anger, turn the other cheek etc. That’s quite a mountain for any human to climb.

Only by God’s grace can the above take place. He works on our spirits so we turn into meek, humble, and peace-loving humans. Our wills however, alive and kicking, will attempt to take over this role. We want control over our experiences. Yet, our Father is asking us not to complain and mummer – to distinguish ourselves as His children by our actions toward others. Well… how is that to take place exactly?

God says to cry to Him instead. And boy, don’t we do that already, in our hearts and head. What we don’t purposefully do, which is what works if we try it – is intentionally cry out to Him – all day, every day. He gives us His peace. It’s as though we have no problems and fears, but that’s not true – the difference is whom we’re turning our tears to.
What Does God Do With Our Tears?

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