A Bible Story: How Jesus Takes Our Hand And Lifts Us Up To Serve Him

Mark 1:29-31 is a short story about Jesus healing one of his disciple’s sick mother-in-law. She lay in bed with a fever, and we can understand how ill she must have felt – for we still attempt to do what we need to when not feeling well. This woman was sick in bed, and Jesus “took her by the hand and lifted her up.” I want us to study the way in which she was healed, and what she did with the rest of her day.

Jesus could have spoken to this woman or touched her if He wanted to, yet He took her hand and lifted her up and in doing so, she was raised up healed. In three verses we are shown what Jesus does time and time again for those He loves. He walks into our figurative houses, straight to our death beds, takes our hands and lifts us up.

What the healed mother-in-law does next has always been of interest to me. Initially, and many years ago, I was vexed that God would expect a newly healed woman to immediately tend to Jesus and the rest of the guests, wondering whether He was insinuating something about a woman’s worth and role in the house.

Later on, I came to understand that the only reason this woman lay in her bed was due to illness, which now cured, allowed her to get up and do what she needed to do with the rest of her life. In this particular case, and wonderfully presented, it was a literal serving of Christ. I can now only imagine the immense gratitude that must have filled her heart, when the disease left her bones, and she was lifted up by a merciful saviour, who using no words or great pomp, restored her to life. Why then would she not jump up to serve Him?

So it is with those whose lives have been transformed by Christ. We realize that there is nothing much we could ever do to make up for His loving goodness, but we acknowledge whom we can now serve. I encourage you to read these three verses and contemplate them for yourself. Not only did this event happen in history, and further to that, is a continual process that happens to countless lives every day, but it is in fact written in the Bible – further proof of meaning that can be found and related to our daily experiences, as interpreted by the Holy Spirit.
A Bible Story: How Jesus Takes Our Hand And Lifts Us Up To Serve Him

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