Share My Dreams – Why This Is Impossible

The key to survival is evolution, and looking at elements of nature over time shows us how adaptation is important to humans. This blog reveals to me my mental evolution process, and you are the ones who can see where I came from and am headed.

You are privy to changes in writing style, content, form and manner – thought processes, how I synthesize and translate information, what my preoccupations are. In between the lines my faults are revealed, my weaknesses displayed in the subliminal words I choose – where the courage and belief in what I can do, as well as any measure of talent – or plain egotism depending on your leanings, show up in the mere fact that I write and my delivery.

Like a mother’s eye on her babe, that is what you are to me. You are the ones who share this diary of mine where I write and sometimes try not to – where unknown to you, I balk at some of my work, languish in others, rejoice in a few – and fully obsess on the mysteries of my subject matter.

Why about Christ Jesus, man, is my constant question and wonder. How did it come to this? Was I not always interested in minority and social issues – how disenfranchised people are represented in the media, and feminist approaches to discourses – all colourful and marginalizing language … where did all that change? Why am I now so interested in pushing Christ as the rock hope, and dreams as avenues for self-identification and expansion?

Well…it is because it is my story, and I believe in it, because I live it. Dreams are the key to self-discovery in a world that constantly asks us to buy, change, and become whom we are not. Dreams are God-given and intrinsically tied to our hearts and souls. They are natural to us – what we do needs no outside direction as the world’s instructions would require – yet this is the one challenge we ran away from because we don’t want to look too closely into the mirror. We deny our internal GPS for the needless pain of trying to fit into others’ ideals of us and what we are capable of, accepting false gods and hope as assurance of a secured ego.

Yet, how are we to evolve if we are constantly running away from ourselves or observations of nature around us – do we suppose we will live and last a lifetime, or are we depending on our family members to survive us? What of our own footprint on this earth – isn’t it important to leave a mark greater than a tombstone for an actual lived life, or do we suppose our doings will be impartial on people’s lips? That which was planted inside you – does it not deserve to be shared?

It is a calling – a deep need to be or do something specific – or a pulling that lets you know you are not doing what or all that you should. So even though you may blankly stare and say you don’t know what your purpose in life is – what was specifically meant for you, the truth is, like all dreams, this one belongs to just you. You have to find it. Its the treasure placed inside you.

For a start, it revolves around that thing you do most easily that is of direct influence and benefit to those lives you touch. If you don’t know what it is, its because you don’t know yourself as much as you think you do – and that too is a start.  
Share My Dreams – Why This Is Impossible

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