A Letter To Those Who Call Him God

Reading: Rom 8:28
If you believe in God then He is your God.
Read this sentence again. It is very important to understand what I am going to say about it.
If you believe in God…you have fulfilled a basic requirement in Him. You have acknowledged God for who He says He is. Whether you follow Him or not is a different matter, and not my concern in this post. I’m speaking to the quavering heart, the not sure you qualify, not sure you belong to Heaven or Hell, not sure you know what is right, not sure you can try.

Faith is not easy. Look at all the things you’ve been through and seen – better yet, look at the things that you have done, and continue to do. Yet, deep down you are unable to deny Him, and will not do so. You may not know much, but you would rather believe in God than not. Not everyone can do that.
There are those who pretend to, and others who will try – but Jesus said “This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless the Father has enabled them (John 6:65).” He was speaking in response to basic human unbelief to the assertion that He was the Bread of Life. How? Listen to this Carpenter’s kid stand here and tell us who He is? Didn’t we watch him grow up like a regular kid?
In present day, nonbelievers do that in the face of Science and Logic. Some God! How do you explain all the illness and pain? And guess what, there is a logical explanation to the formation of the world, not to mention the basis of all things is nothing. In both these instances, nonbelievers fail to see the truth because of what they see. They rely only on their own understanding, whereas the quavering heart that sees the same thing is still able to say, “Lord, I believe.”
Here’s the good news. Whether you know what you believe God in and for is not the point. He knows your heart best because He made it. He has not taken His spirit away from you, and this is intentional, because in Romans 8:28 He made a promise: to those who love the Lord, all things work out for good.
In these times of uncertainty, where things have the potential to overwhelm and destroy us, your God, the one you did not deny, is coming for you. He has heard your cry and He is here to do what our Father will do. You need not fear, but prepare yourself – so that like Adam and Eve we do not run and cower behind trees afraid of being caught doing the wrong things.
Your Living God is moving amongst His people, gathering them to shield them in the Ark and sheep-pen, rounding them up to spare them His approaching wrath. Our Salvation is here. If you are amongst the number, and despite how you live your life, your spirit cries out on your behalf, Abba, Father, My Lord and my God, I adore you.
A Letter To Those Who Call Him God

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