Today Will Thank You Tomorrow – A Short Story

FutureGirl gently nudged the back of her sister and best-friend’s shoulder while they stood side-by-side outside the brisk, dark and starry night. “When are you gonna quit that?” She asked with an amused expression on her older face.

TodayGirl cast a haughty sideway glance at her confidante and inhaled the smoke from her lit
cigarette.  “I don’t know – you know that. I’ve tried.”

“For you maybe – not for me you haven’t.”

TodayGirl was silent. She stared up at the sky. Not for you, you say, she sighed. If only you knew.

“I’m not here yet, but I stand with you inhaling this disease. If you don’t try for me, you may not have
the chance to stand next to me.” A soft voice cut into her thoughts.

“Don’t you think I know all that!” TodayGirl’s temperature rose, blood pumping drummed in her
ears. “You think I don’t know what I am doing to myself, or do you forget its me they talk to at the

FutureGirl slowly nodded. She understood her sister. “No… that’s where you’re wrong. It’s me they are
talking to at the hospital.”

TodayGirl deeply inhaled from the tobacco stick. She threw her head back and watched the exhaled smoke curl up into the dark of the night. “I wish I knew how to let some things go – so they could go away. When I went through all I have…” she sighed again.

“Yes, you must have felt alone but I was always there. And when you buried DreamGirl – that’s the day you first picked up a cigarette.”

“I could have done worse you know,” sideway glance at her sister. “Where were you anyway…I don’t
remember seeing or hearing you.” She turned and looked at her sister doubtfully.

“Oh, I was there. I was as young and as old as you were through each experience, including now- here
today. I could not prematurely tell you just how beautiful, strong and purposeful I would work out to be because of you TodayGirl. DreamGirl tried to tell you not to give up on her – that she was a part of us.”

FutureGirl smiled at TodayGirl to soften the blow. “But by taking the least of what you could have done to yourself, you made it stronger than the three of us, and we were inseparable before.”

TodayGirl remembered the hours spent together in perfect bliss – a surety of who she is, was going to be and how – until that picture fractured into three separate pieces, and TodayGirl was left alone with no dream or future. “I had my reasons,” she said as her back stiffened. “We are still here aren’t we? We still have DreamGirl between us…” TodayGirl tried.

“Do we, sis – do we?” FutureGirl sounded urgent. “Why is it always me, you and this cigarette standing here, when it used to be the three of us?”

TodayGirl looked at her cigarette. “I know why I made you my friend…” The fiery tip hissed in response.

“And now you know what’s standing in our way…” FutureGirl leaned over and kissed the top of her best-friend’s head.

“I know how strong I look, but I’m not sure I can survive what I have been through again…” TodayGirl sounded defeated.

“Yes – that is why this DreamKiller is now your friend. You’re not trying to end you… you’re aiming to kill me.”

TodayGirl frowned. “But you’re my best-friend!” She turned to her sister. “I love you! Why would I want to kill you?”

“I know you love me. I also know you don’t want to believe in me – you think DreamGirl lied to you. I know you’re still cynical, its like you just came out of jail. So try once more, sis. Give me a fighting chance. Let me show you how all our parts together make sense.” 

FutureGirl nudged her best-friend again. TodayGirl nodded and returned the affectionate gesture as she crashed the serpent DreamKiller’s head with her boot’s heel.

“Okay,” She said.

Today Will Thank You Tomorrow – A Short Story

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