When God Says You’re Ready You’ll Know It

Loving God is more basic than thumping through the Bible and putting every single law into practice. That is called human control. The Word and experience reveals that it is only God who can bring us to His will (which is to love Him). It is only He who opens up eyes, hearts and ears through His Spirit and in Christ. Understand this, and we start to get to know a lot about how He works.

Our project is to first master patience – not to be confused with self-idolatry (indulgence in righteousness or pity). He wants us to reach the level of a babe that trustingly waits for his/her mother’s milk despite our adult experiences of going hungry.
Unlike a new born babe, God knows our thoughts and feelings will kick in after a while – that we will start to be impatient, and look around us for comfort (gratification). He wants us to learn to forgo that, and insist on the trust level of a child, for in it, our foundations in Him are laid.
When we get to the impatience stage, He wants to see what we are going to do. Are we going to stop turning to Him, will our prayers change in quality? Will our defence mechanisms kick in, what will we start to think about? When will the self-beating begin, and how soon before we turn to other idols for satisfaction? It boils down to trust. Can you still trust me even when I do not immediately respond, in what appears to be a no?
Now the beauty about making patience our struggle, is that we learn what to preoccupy our minds and ways with. Focus on what you love to do, and trust that for now it is enough. While we do this, we reinforce our positive attributes, and diseased elements like greed, bitterness and envy dissipate. We learn to become grateful and in this, opportunities start to come our way.
Bigger and better than we expected, good things happen in way of our dreams. We recognize these gifts for what they are, and reveal our gratitude by what we do with them. We are spiritually and emotionally mature to make good what He gives with each subsequent length of wait, and level of promotion.
Anytime I have doubts because impatience has me looking around in self-pity, I look up and ask myself where the sky cuts off or the water ends. I question my knowledge of the number of galaxies, suns, moons, the length and breadth of the cosmos, the age of the mountains or species of fish in the sea. Unable to answer these questions, I remind myself that that is the God I serve. The one who created all that.
When God Says You’re Ready You’ll Know It

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