How Are Your Goals My Friend?

Do not be afraid of setting goals. Goals are necessary to progress.
–  Goals force focus

–  Goals produce accountability

–  Goals determine direction

Goals are a map. It is a tool that once employed assists you in achieving maximum results without wasting too much time.
Realistic goals are small, boring, tedious and work. They however must be set. It is in the simple things that large goals can be accomplished. So have your overall vision, but start with small doable steps that are practical and a good use of time.
Less talk, more action.
What in fact have you accomplished since you first formed your goal? Do not be afraid to go back to the drawing table if this question takes longer than a few seconds to confidently answer.
Do not assign blame. Take responsibility and go back to the initial goal, review it and see whether it is first realistic, and then what you can now do to accomplish it.
Do not waste time picking it apart, simply set it and start working on it.
In goal-setting remember who holds the key to its realization (James 4:13-17). Make peace with God however you perceive Him and at peace you can proceed so that when all is said and done, your goal planning and chasing was not in vain and after the foolish things of the world. 

How Are Your Goals My Friend?

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