How I Prevent Change From Working In My Life

Nothing will change or get done in my life if I:

Don’t wake up most mornings determined to do something productive.
Don’t set goals and hold myself accountable.
Not willing to go the extra mile in my endeavours.

On top of that:

If I have more excuses than completed works, I have failed myself.
If I have reasons for not trying practical, humble and proven work, I am fooling myself.
If I keep friends who are happy with me just as I am, not challenging me to work on my flaws or supportive of my growth I am but a bird of a feather.
If I take criticism as an attack and refuse to listen to the same advice given by multiple people over time, I have refused to grow.
If I consider my circumstances more than the opportunity, I have no one to blame but myself.
If I try the same approaches expecting different results, I short-change myself.
If I focus on my feelings I cease to work on growth. My feelings become my priority, and hence my life.
If I do not allow change to work in my life, I can expect to stay the same for the rest of my life.
If I want a situation to change, I must change.
If I want something new in my life, I must embrace change.
If I want to grow into fullness, I must assist change.
If I don’t want to waste any more time, I must acknowledge change.

How I Prevent Change From Working In My Life

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