Life and Favour: How To Let Go

Consider these practical steps in the art of progression. These are new habits for you to form and once you get the ball rolling, you are sure to come out a winner in your situation.

Form A Sound Plan

Once you’ve made a decision to let someone or something go, ensure that you have a “next step” to fall into. Letting go is not as hard as what to do with the aftermath of how we feel about the situation. This is where a lot of us go wrong. We start to dwell on what was, could have and should have been. The result of this? We are stuck in the past (thought). We forget to move on (action). Difficult decisions can be equated to surgery. Sometimes the pain in recovery feels worse than the actual procedure. Make the sacrifice count by bleeding into what you envisioned for yourself. You were strong enough to let go; you are strong enough to move on.

Be Your Friend

Do not doubt yourself. Your first instinct is always right. In the aftermath of a decision, there may be times when you wonder and start to think of past decisions that left you feeling short-changed. Think of this as a cash transaction. Once the money leaves your hand, it is as good as gone (done). Instead of doubt, choose to put your blinders on and believe that you can succeed if only you relentlessly proceed and not quit no matter the situation. What you are saying is that you believe in yourself, and you are doing this by action.

Expand Your World

Life is bigger than you and what you think. Pray for an open-mind and a willing heart, and see what God will open up for you. Do not be afraid to try new things, and the surest way of trying something new is to do what you have sworn you can never do. Be wise about this decision and in all things use tomorrow as your frame of reference. Always ask yourself, “will this better me for tomorrow?”

Keep these thoughts in mind anytime you find yourself struggling:

  1. It is never that serious that we should take on the role of God. Put things into perspective (Job 38).

  2. Anything you go through has been dealt with by humanity long before and after you (Ecclesiastes 1:1-11).

  3. What does not kill you only makes you stronger (James 1:3).

  4. There is always something to learn and apply in every experience if we are open to change (Proverbs 12:1).

  5. You are still alive. This means that God is not done with you yet. Go about the business of living your life to the fullest, so you have nothing to be ashamed of when you give an account of your life to the One who blessed you with it (Jeremiah 29:11).
Life and Favour: How To Let Go

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