A Thought On Holiness And Atonement

I was listening to Leviticus chapter 3 to 14 appreciating God’s precise and purposeful nature, yet being overwhelmed by the consequences of not paying attention to Instruction.

There is in fact a great divide between man and God. He is the Holy of Holies and we are just human, yet favoured amongst His creations, made to give Him the glory.  We are individually equipped to show yet more of what God is about and if we accept our calling reveal His will in our lives. 

God would have quite a special interest in us then wouldn’t He? Yet He is Holy and we are not for His ways and thoughts far above ours. We forever fail because we easily forget whom God is, and attempt to be so for others and ourselves.

God laid down the law for the Israelites and appointed people He set aside to stand in the gap. The priest and his sons acted as mediators for the people, taking their sins and sacrifice as their own, presenting them to God, and in carrying out His instructions freeing the afflicted.

Yet a continual sacrifice of sort is exactly what man would convince him is enough to make things right with God, and that is exactly what happened. Enter Christ Jesus into a world whereby religious people practiced the law to the tee, casting judgment upon those who did not “qualify” or could not be “redeemed”. Christ rightly pointed out that the misconstrued application of the law is what bound people, and that He came to Fulfill it.

Did you hear that? Christ came because He is the ultimate atonement for our sins. He came to fulfill the law on our behalf, taking the burden of living idealized lives away from us, and simply said to believe in Him for everything, as the path to our heavenly home.

How steep and how precious the sacrifice would have to be for a God of detail such as the Old Testament reveals. How unspotted and the first fruit this sacrifice would have to be to make up for a lifetime of generational evil. A powerful and redeeming lamb would have to be slaughtered for a jealous God to wipe away the constant idolizing of things other than Him and the pain inflicted on others and us.

Yet as He commanded the Israelites during Moses’ time, the message rang loud and clear, that adhering to any principles set by God in His very Holy Nature is impossible for man to accomplish, and that knowing this, our God of purpose had the perfect sacrifice to bridge the gap between us.

It is because Christ came to earth, died and was buried, and rose on the third day that we are able to Enter into a meaningful and deeply personal relationship with God. He does not see our iniquity when we ask to speak with Him; He sees the work of the perfect sacrifice that made this amazing opportunity available to us, in His crucified Son.

A Thought On Holiness And Atonement

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