Liken emotions to the weather. View your feelings in small increments, taking them into consideration but not entirely banking on them. Emotions are a volatile investment with a subjective memory.  
Remember the day you were born. That’s right – you can’t, so don’t try and figure out your end. It is as elusive as what your every day could bring. Days and nights are what we make them, so live every day to the best of your ability and leave the rest to God.

God. Believe in Him or not, but His truth has been revealed to you in very many ways so be sure about your decision. This really is the only decision that carries eternal consequences. You are what you believe, and so it is not as simple as saying that you believe in God, but really…. Do you believe in God, and no matter your answer, be sure in it.
Everybody is different and each situation unique. It is not all about you; there are greater things at play. Step outside your situation and get over yourself. There is a lot that you could be doing with perspective to improve different areas of your current situation.
Always strive to work at what you can; understanding that there are other things you can’t do anything about. Leave those to God for He is already working on it.


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