Afraid To Travel With Your Life?

Conquering fear reminds me of those trips that we take, whereby the weather and road conditions make for an eventful ride.  We define safe traveling as the conclusion to an uneventful, predictable and timely journey. Whose life however, entirely fits this criteria?

Conquering fears and eventful traveling are no different, for they both force us to examine our conditions against what we internally know.

I find that responses generally fit into two camps. Can I get through this? and What can I do, to get through this? The result is either we become a victim of circumstance, or empowered within circumstance.

Our lives are never going to be predictable or normal.They are always going to be tailor-made for each individual. There is no “plan” that we are ever going to make and fulfill as we predicted, because we are not God.

With this said,  let us challenge ourselves to face our fears, so we may get over them. I pray that we are patient with ourselves, because fears are not born overnight, and without merit. If we can understand the root of our fears, we can find the means to get over them, using our target destination as motivation.

Afraid To Travel With Your Life?

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