Why Would You Die For Me?

To think that He,
To think that He, died for me.
Who does that, who is that, who did that for me!

Why would you, how could you,
Who am I that you would die for me.
Am I worth that much to you, that you would say “I do”, long before I knew you?
Do you love me that much that when I scoffed at you, nailed on that Cross, you didn’t yet punish me?
I don’t know, all I can say is wow…
I’m a little in awe, that you would want to save my life.
I mean I’ve had people care, but if what you say is true,
If you say I should seek you first,
That in fact I’d know you,
That you would kick in,
Stay never leave me
Then I know I’m willing to try this.
I know I don’t have the words to pray, but you say that you’ve got this you will teach me.
You’re saying I should tell you all my fears, and that you’ll reach me.
I hear you give the best, that it’s free
Because you meant it for me,
Well then Lord Jesus, I am ready to receive.
Why Would You Die For Me?

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