"Why Cant You Be Normal"

Two little girls were sitted on the floor, by the wall colouring books.
One of the girls was very inattentive, getting up and going out to play.
The Teacher was very frustrated, running out of ways and words to say.
It was annoying, this little girl’s play.
Teacher took it personally, why was this little girl behaving this way?

It didn’t seem to matter, that the other was quietly sitting by,
Drawing and colouring her book,
Sharp contrast to the other, whose gaze was eternally sky high.
What did she keep looking at, what was she searching for?
Why want to run out and play, when all was here, paper in hand, imagination in head?

The little girl could not keep still. It didn’t even look like she could try.
Her gaze a longing for a world, not known to you or I. The Teacher didn’t get it, felt like a spy,
one who steals secrets, sell them figures high. She felt like she was killing that gaze, stealing that dream right from the little girl’s eye.

Why can’t you be like everyone else? Teacher finally asked, unable to hold in any longer. She was tired, frustrated, confused and really wanted to know why.
The little girl looked up at her teacher, eyes blazing and fiery red.
A reflection of passion so full and so deep, a mirror to the soul and the girl’s head.
Why do I have to be like everyone else, why can I just not be myself?
Why can I not be different, why am I not enough this way?
Why can I not just be the very best me, the person that God created me to be,
Why do I have to cover myself?

Silence, shock, wonder, dismay.
teacher understood Little Girl had always felt this way.
teacher saw that she held her back by asking her to be the same…
as everyone else,
take those dreams outta your head.
teacher saw that Little Girl was not different because she wanted it,
Little Girl was born different, and if that were true…
now what could teacher say.

"Why Cant You Be Normal"

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