A Cry From The Lost

Not to pretend to be holy,
I cant lie and say Im saved.
Unless you come and heal me,
Embrace me in my pain.
Yeah, I know this call is long over-due,
I havent had anything to say.
Ive felt you came and left me,
So I felt I had nothing to say.

But now things are not working.
Right now I could use your help.
I need a Word for me and my family,
I’m in the pit, can you see my flag?
I’ve pulled it up
I’ve pulled it out
I need you more than I need life.
Please Lord come in,
Redeem this life.
Forgive my sins,
Restore my life.
Renew my spirit,
Bless my life.
Listen to the prayers of my mother,
the woman whose tears you kept in sight.
Listen to me on behalf of my father,
who tried to make me the best person that I could be.
Give me faith and insight,
Make me see what made them believe.
Lord Jesus you say you are the Right One,
Lord Jesus I am ready to receive.
Please come, please come, please Lord Jesus come,
Turn now to your lost lamb, the one you have always kept in your sight.

A Cry From The Lost

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