Sad Love Song

My God help me, please.
Why would you let another heart-breaker into my life.
Why would you do that for me.
Why would you let me go through this again,
How sweet Jesus can this be?

Ive tried to follow what you say,
Nothing but temptation and heart-break has paved my way.
Ive tried to think as you do, and say what you’d say,
My situations a continuum, a never ending roller-coaster, the joke of the year, a never ending parade.
Why, Lord, why.
Why Jesus. Why.
Why couldnt you just have left me alone in the abyss.
Why give me this gift, this test, this diss.
Why let me feel his warmth, his touch, his kiss.
Whats the point of all this, if at the end of the day,
Only you and I remain.
Why even bother.
Where is your bride Lord? How come no one else sees her.
Your prized daughter, who did you create for her?
Holder of dreams and tears,
Creator of souls,
How am I to know, what you have in store?
How can I fathom, what only you know?
Who am I to compete, against the race of my heart?
When it seems pretty clear to me,
You have left your permanent mark.
Permanent scars,
Permanent whips,
Permanent lashes,
Permanent smiles,
I smile for you always. I cry right now. Why.
Why not him, and why not the other?
Why give me a piece, and let the rest slumber
Far away, out of reach, out of touch. Why my Savior, when it was within your hands to provide? Why sweet Jesus, what was the lesson to learn? Oh sweet Lord, what is the purpose of all this if not to hide? Please Lord tell my broken heart why.

And yet in all things, may your truth in me abide.

Sad Love Song

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