A Prayer For Help

Lord God, we pray for a healing. We pray for your immediate intercession.

Please restore health.
Please restore spirit.
Please restore mind.
Please restore soul.
Please rain upon us showers of your blessings, healing from your immense spiritual wealth.
Please turn off the hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes and spit fires falling on our heads.
Please Heavenly Father, please look farther away no more,

Please, kind Saviour turn your eyes of mercy toward us. Please grant us a clean slate.

Please forgive us our mistakes.
Please forgive us our judging, not forgiving, not caring, being selfish, careless, hurtful and needless. Please forgive us our hurting others, and Father please forgive us our hurting ourselves.
Please forgive us for turning the mortal vessels in which you breathed your spirit into dark machines. Please forgive us for not doing what you ceaselessly ask us to do, which is to worship you by only turning to you, in times of trouble, doubt, loss of control, all the good times, trusting in your power and your Name.

Please Father for the sake of your Name have mercy upon us. Please honor your blessing upon us to not forsake us forever. Please Father now turn and hear our prayers. We are sick, we are dying, we are lost, we are starving, we are thirsty, we are killing each other and ourselves. Please Lord Jesus come.


A Prayer For Help

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