The Gift

A small box arrived. It was velvet wrapped throughout, a tarnish gold wrap. Eager hands scrambled to receive it, fingers slightly shaking. This gift was old and new. It was promised a long time ago, and travelled through time to get here.

Despite the places it had been, it retained its regal state. The box though small, and seemingly out of place in its gold and velvet plate, its contents and price unexplained.  The box was surprisingly strong, considering it belonged to an age far, far away. It was sturdy and firm, held its contents “nice, neat and safe”.
The box was built from nothing, it was unlike any other container. It was not mass manufactured, it came through its own process. The hands behind the wood, the brass, velvet and gold, generations of pride-filled work scattered amongst men. The pins, the glue, the intricate artwork on the lock, a pleasure to the skilled eyes set upon its unique tasks. 
Different hands and pairs of eyes were used to make this box. Different times and ways of passages, used to transport this box. It was a long time coming, and yet not a day off. The box was made to specification, because it represented where it came from. It was not that a lot was put into the box, but that the box had to be a certain way to capture the gift’s essence.
There was no mistaking what was in the box. It showed its contents in its frame, the build, the clothing, the Name. It was indeed a priceless gift, and so without price tied to it, in the little box it perfectly came. 
Eager fingers opened the lock and lifted the tiny and perfect lid. Velvet again lined the inside, a richness no words could explain. In the middle of the box, lying perfectly still… a single, gold key.
This is the box she had been waiting for. This is the gift she had longed for. For with this key, unlocked all her heart’s desires, all the things from birth. With this key her God was behind her, He had come to give everything back to his child.
These were the things that were stolen, things she also threw to the side. Things she gave up, things she gave up on, things she gave up for, things she left behind. All these things that were gone and missing, lost in space, and transcended in time. He had picked them all up, cleaned, repaired, renew, rebuilt, perfected and made safe until it was the right time.
Well the right time had arrived.
The Gift

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