Eye On The Prize

Two girls were walking down a road one day, destination the same.
One kept looking forward to what lay at the end, the other wondered what to do with the existing lane.
You see this path was long and dry, a road with no life on the sides.

Hey Im choosing to look around at what lies my way.
Well Im interested in what lies ahead.
But how can you get to your destination, without knowing what lies in your lane?
And you, how can you know you’ll end up in the right place?

On and on they went, walking down the same path, the same lane.
Different points of view, questions each wanted answered instead.


Maybe I could use my current view to let me know where I’m headed.

And maybe for me, I can learn to appreciate what comes around my way.

Maybe you could teach me to keep my eye on the prize, that which is at the finish line.

And you if you dont mind, teach me not to waste my current time.

Maybe we could both work together,

Yes, that would be so sublime.

I’m feeling better about my destination…

Thank you for teaching me how to better use my time…

I love your smile,

I didn’t notice how pretty yours is,

Hey did you notice how much easier this walk just became?

Welcome to the world of appreciating whats around.

Yes thank you for this lesson,

And thank you for reminding me to keep my eye on the prize.

The two girls walked until the part,
Where they each had to go through the thorny bushes and reduced lane alone.
It was okay, they smiled and bid each other farewell,
Knowing they would see each other at the end,
Of the finish line.

What have you done for your neighbour today? Do you have your eye on the prize at the end of the finish line?

Eye On The Prize

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