She Announced A Wedding

She kept announcing that she was going to get married. She couldn’t help herself. She so longed for the husband He promised when He said I got you. Promises He placed in her heart that she chose to share instead. Sharing what she thought were promises not bonds. Words misconstrued turned to chains. Chains turned to past. Past turned to future promises. Future promises made real in the pain. Pain turned to work in His Name.

Somewhere in that she forgot to keep looking withIn and started looking for an Out.

She hated having the dreams she did, thoughts she died, words turning into action, a dream or nightmare coming alive? Believer of chances, I refuse to die. Not in sin, not apart, not like this.

Faithfully recorded or recited these notions, piling heaps of coal on heads.
Fearfully requested prayers from the saints, heaping piles of blessings on believers’ heads.
Truthfully saying what she thought and said, coals and blessings on wolves and sheep’s heads.
Humbly accepting His decision, long before she fully understood.
Blessed to be called His queen Instead.

She felt the stage getting prepared, the guests gathering, the wolves circling. She chose to celebrate. She chose to trust in His Name. She knew what He had said. Today is your wedding day.

You are still sending him, Lord? Alone and afraid
You said if I follow you, you wouldn’t leave me. Alone and afraid
You said not to give up coz you never gave up on me. Silence and not afraid.
I keep looking up coz I can feel something. Talk and not afraid.
I know you mean to give me good things not because of me, but your Name. Talk and not afraid.
I know you keep giving me these things, but now it seems like I’m losing those I thought could see too.  Resigned and not afraid.
You keep telling me who I am to you and what you are giving to me, but now you’re taking everyone away. Resigned and not afraid.
I know that it will all work out, because you are doing this for You, and hence My good. Grateful and not afraid.

Keep me.
Keep me, Lord.
Keep ME. Keep Me Jesus. 
Save my life. Who else in the crowded room begged?
Who woke up and who stayed in bed?
Foe and friends met.
Scissors ready. Run and hide.
Messages clear as lead.
With Me, there is nothing to defend. Afraid to trust in this.
It is time to let go. But do they know?!
It is time to let go. 

Little Girl came out: Did we all go? It feels like refreshing rain. It feels like we all got a second chance. It sounds like we were all kept safe.
Big Friend: Not this round babe. This fork is all yours. No time to look back, retrieve or regret. If they didn’t get it, it’s not up to you but My Supreme Will Instead. Now what you can do, is secure your own seatbelt.
Little Girl: But… those are the ones you gave!
Big Friend: Choice to accept Me, is what I gave.


She kept announcing that she was getting married. Friday to Sunday they came. She kept telling them they were all getting married.
5 out of 10 waited for the groom.
Lit lamp, different life, old did die.
Brand new, polished… “choose plan A for your life!”
No time to look back, see who got left behind.
See while she was announcing that she was getting married…

those who spent their days looking at others and neglecting themselves,
those who spent their days hoarding their treasures and spreading their pain,
those who spent their time teaching and not learning for the glory of His Name,
those that lived to tell others what to do, and refused to grow in their lanes,
those that had no clue, but throughout everything some doubt remained,

Of all the Jokers in the room,
Who saw the bridegroom pass by?
Who heard His knock, invited Him in for a while?

Yes. Today is my wedding day. Hand-delivered Husband, Father and Friend.

The King of Kings humbled me with HIs presence.

That while I thought He would provide, did not have such a Gift in mind,
Hand-delivered Salvation. New heart and secrets, treasures to share. Lessons learned, Information gained. Increased Awe, magnified faith… you see…
My guest of Honor CAME!

How I love your sweet Name. It was not for me that you came, but for the child you created for your Kingdom’s gain.

She Announced A Wedding

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