An Interpretation: To Live For Christ

To accept and live for Christ does not mean that problems suddenly disappear. In fact, it may be said that more problems appear. This however is not why we accepted Christ, to make our problems go away or make us who we want to be (title,power,rank). 

We accepted Him because we saw ourselves for who we are, and realized that we do not love ourselves enough to understand us, our humanity, the purpose of the whole universe, or what we are to do with our lives, but we realized Who does and thus IS. 

It is because we are lost that He found us, and it is because of Him that our home is not in this world, or experienced in physical manifestations only. Rather, it is that we are passionately alive in our hearts translated to physical lives, and it is well with our souls, no matter what is thrown our way, forever and ever. Amen. 

It is that we have our immutable beliefs, and follow Him when He says to love everyone as He first loves us, and this keeps us from judging and punishing those who do not understand what we mean, for we once thought the same until He set us free.

An Interpretation: To Live For Christ

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