Assignment 3: Pick A Color

We are who we are. That is how we are built. It is not our fault. To fall into the lie of who we are is our fault.

This is part of the human condition, that it be a continual struggle. The truth is, the struggle is really about our existence. Our physical DNA is coded for survival, our spirits are coded for revival. These two components are unable to work together, because they start off speaking different languages.

The body speaks the language of needs and instant gratification. It is driven by its desires, and the fulfilment of its desires is the primary mandate. This experience cannot be the same or likened to the heart’s, which experiences things in the spiritual realm, for example feelings.

The mind, body and soul connection come in, once a uniform language is developed or acquired. This can either be harnessed and cultivated from within, or sought and bought from without.

You get to pick a side today. Were you built with the capability to stand out in a crowd without effort? Have you always thought and acted in contradiction to yourself? Do you have experiences and desires to be so much more than you are right now? Are you ready to pick your side?

Do not be fooled. Whether you intentionally or subconsciously decide what you are willing to live and die for, you decide your destiny. This includes the inaction of not choosing what you want your life to stand for.

It works out that we are unable to reside in grey areas in our world, because all contradictions and extremes belong in our universe. We must decide what color we are willing to wear, that will adequately represent who we are. So… assignment 3 has been coming a long time, and it is time for you to pick a side.

Are you going to go with the flesh and where it leads you, or are you willing to choose the spirit and what it finds you.

What of you does your body really know, if its primary function in life is to survive for its own sake. Would it not kill you then in its pursuit of fleshly happiness?

Were you built to choose. Can you pick either side and be successful in it. Do you feel afraid at the consequences of choosing the body, and does your spirit gnaw at you to choose life?

Pick a side. What color will you paint the world in, and why?

Assignment 3: Pick A Color

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