Easter’s "He Died So I Could Live": Answering The "Really?" Question

Absolutely. It’s that simple. Christ died, so that I could live. He took the place formerly reserved for me, because there was no humanly possible way I was going to save myself, and so I was headed for Eternal Death.

If I accepted this, and I did, then Life was given to me. This is the proof. That which is in me just testified the truth of what I believe to you. Secured in my position, let’s move on.

Most times we accept the concept of God, and reject the role of Christ in being our salvation, because we do not understand the Power of Christ’s resurrection, and how this is supposed to be God’s Ultimate Gift to us.

This rejection, or partial acceptance of truth allows us to suppose God to be whatever we wish Him to be. We treat God and Everything He Is as we do our regular relationships, and accumulations. There are some family members we do not recognize even though we know them, or of them, and continue this way with everything else based on how we determine them and things to satisfy our needs.

In assigning dangerously misguided principles to God when all He wills for us to know is in plain sight, we miss out on His whole game plan for humanity, and our individual roles in it. We get to Control what we want God to be in our lives.

There is no room for Christ in this then is there, for how can we adequately control what Christ is to us, apart from what God says He is. Do not be mistaken, for as Christ reveals God to us, God reveals Christ to us, for they are One and we cannot accept One without the Other (John 1:29).

God declares that He is the Only God, and that no other god exists before Him (Revelation 22:13). The word “before” in this instance captures the idea of presence. In God’s Presence, which is Eternal, He is that no other god stands. He has actually commanded us as the First law to honor that (Exodus 20:3).

This would require none other above, so how can Christ who was born in our history, have been around as the Existence, and have the power to take people to Heaven, just by allowing a few misguided people to assassinate Him? Who then is God between the two?

More than anything, whatever concept we have of God, we imagine that He must be as clear-cut about being good and bad as we are, using this difference to determine if we will see Him. We figure if we live a good life and acknowledge but ignore God, then it’s still okay. We do not realize the alarming danger in being lukewarm in what we generally believe (Revelation 3:15-22).

What purpose would Christ who is God living as a poor man turned preacher, assassinated three years into His career serve, if living a good life were requirement enough to get to Heaven? Is God that heartless and random? Was this just “one of the options” we can pick and choose as Earth exit and Heaven entry strategies? To assume God’s nature is such that human sacrifices are part of our existence is to relegate Him to the nature of man.

Basically, for those who reject that Christ Jesus dying on the Cross is the supreme display of God’s love for humanity, how can you save yourself for Heaven, Paradise, Eternal Bliss, or the happy place you believe you will rest in, when you don’t even know your enemy?

Here’s a simple example. Due to a change in circumstance, sometimes we go without a thing or things for a while. When we receive the previously lost item back, we start to notice things we previously did not.

If you have not been watching TV for a while, each time you are in a position whereby it is the only thing to watch you are struck by a number of things:

Were the commercials always this long, frequent and LOUD? Like did I actually hear the TV volume go up? When did the quality of programming go down to these levels? What of the dedicated number of years to a specific program? You have no idea what you enemies are if you have nothing to question in your day. How then, can you determine to know your god?

It is imperative that we run far away from prescribing humanistic features to an Almighty God.

It is extremely important that we realize the key truth in that the Truth of All came to us in our form, lived like one of us, and left Himself in us. This is to show that He loves us that much, that He wanted us to know just how much.
He was also bringing with Him brutal truth that did nothing to reflect us in a positive light. How could it when His very nature opposed Pride, Greed, Lust, etc. (John 10:10)? He came to show us the things that separate us from God the Father, and the way in which we overcome these things, which is by acknowledging our innately filthy nature, the need for something greater than us to heal, renew, rejuvenate, believing that Christ will show us the way, and following Him.
This would mean acknowledging and believing that Christ is God.
The access is granted in the acknowledgment of the sacrificial price that was paid for our freedom in Christ. God understands too well that there is nothing any one of us can ever try or hope to do, that will ever be good enough for an eternity in His Presence. 

There is just no way. Even on our best days and intentions, someone somewhere always gets hurt, and our deepest motivations do not turn out to be so godly after all. We have good days and bad times. Sometimes, we just fall and never get back up. Not God, who is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8).
Those sins are our enemy. Anything that is not good for us ultimately is not good for God and He is all Good. Only He by virtue of being the only standard of Goodness is in a position to bring all things together for our good (Rom 8:28).
This promise, however, is effected in Christ Jesus. It is an automatic yes in Christ. Not before, not after, and definitely not as a buffet option. The Word of God is Christ Jesus, and for as long as this is rejected, we have rejected God the Father.
We cannot accept this truth and not be changed. It is nearly impossible to come across the truth of God in Christ and ignore that Christ is God, and is the Risen Lord.

Easter’s "He Died So I Could Live": Answering The "Really?" Question

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