Lament For Me And Mine

My greatest fear is falling into my own sinfulness. I am created with great self-knowledge and will, and yet these very things are my abomination.

I long for the day in which I will have nothing to describe myself, and not care. I wait for the day when my will eternally dies to Christ. To think that I crucify my Saviour with my indignities hurts my soul.

I cannot do anything on my own. It is impossible to attempt to regulate any aspect of my life. All I have is nothing! For I was given everything.

I did not form myself, nor could know how to. I was not there before the beginning of time, nor know its end, let alone be there. How then can I determine to sort out my life?

No! That is too great a task for me. I am too lowly of will and decietful in nature to bring all things together for my good.

I leave me to God. He created this child, and thus must simply keep her! He made me as I am, surely for His purposes. How else would I know my Father but by the Spirit He put in me, that I recognize my name?

Were it not all for His glory? Did He make me a pauper, that I may live as an example of disgrace, apart from His Mercy? What honor does that bring to His name? How can His glory be seen?

Am I an example of His fury? His Immutable Justice a standard of measure over my life? I surely fail! Each time and in every way. For where I think I have done right, I achieve two wrongs. I hear but do not listen, speak without thinking.

Who is exempt from folly? Are you Lord to take yourself to Him? How then do you stand there and pretend these issues don’t affect you as well?

Let us gather and repent. Let us all together ask God for His Mercy. We are wrong in our self-righteousness, but He is ever pouring in His Grace. He will clean us of the filth, stuck on our bodies and clothes. Peek and see, new gowns await us. A feast prepared. In His House we all have a place.

Let us bow down and adore Him, ask Him to forgive our trespasses. We are mules and hard of hearing, complete lost souls constantly staring death in the face. This last we also do not recognize but embrace. The choices and lack we make.

It is right to make peace with God. We need His Peace to move along. Not far from, but along. It is sin that separates us from God, and without accepting we have sinned, the peace we seek will never be found. At least not the one He promised by His Blood (John 14:27).

We may pretend that we commune with God, but if that were true, this would be seen in how and what we communicate. He will bring out all our deeds, every secret action will be unveiled! Would you prefer to be publicly shamed, or is it not better that we gather together quietly in His Name. He may show Mercy on us yet, forgive our transgressions before unveiling them to all the rest. 

Is death worth pride? Is it enough that you hear but hide? How many prayers must be sent up for you before you change? Why cry about what you want, yet do not move to stake this claim? How long will you accept being deaf and blind? Do you not see how it drags us all down, for a village was not created by one hand. 

Come, join us and let us make our way to His feet. Let us lay our lives and beg for His Mercy, that He may not turn away. Let us ask Him for His Grace that we may feel sheltered again. Why should we suffer for your injustice? Why should our hearts pay the price for your stubbornness? We are all in this together, let no one be left behind. For when our King returns, it will not be an option to turn the head back.  

Lament For Me And Mine

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