He Was Faithful To His Name

A good and bad boy were playing chess one afternoon.  The idea was to see which side would win, and how. The two boys were pretty much of the same talent and capabilities, none had an unfair advantage over the other. Their characters made them different. One was willing to learn from the experience no matter the result, while the other wanted to win no matter what happened.

The bad boy started off the game okay, and the good boy complied the same. They were winning and losing within the same measure. Well this wasn’t working out for the bad boy, who was getting impatient with the pace and progress of the game. Any one of them stood an equal chance at winning, but the bad boy was determined to meet his end goal.

The good boy felt at a slight disadvantage. His end goal was interfering with his game. He was in it to win, but also felt convicted to stay true to his desire to learn. He knew that this meant he would need to play fair, understand his opponent, and not retaliate in kind should he play unfair. The good boy was having trouble strategizing a winning game, while carefully attempting to learn and appreciate what he was doing here today.

The bad boy decided to move things around, and made a few unfair moves. He was ready for verbal combat as well, keen to tire out his opponent, and win this game. The good boy sensed this and decided to concentrate on playing as best he could, in light of the new changes. He was getting tired, feeling frustrated and wondering how long he could manage without his anger distracting him.

He is playing unfair, but you have a weapon within you to use, he heard a voice say. Tired, paranoid and wondering whether he could trust his head, the good boy is silent, ears cocked. Does flowing water defeat a rock by forcing it out of the way? Confused and afraid, the good boy attempts to concentrate on his game.

His opponent is winning, taking over the board, and the good boy is struggling to finish off with dignity, made complete if he can only just ensure he has played his best. The path of least resistance is in you. What drives him is his blind spot, listen to what I will tell you.

The bad boy was confused. Something had suddenly changed. The rules of the game had shifted, the good boy was enforcing them with his game! It didn’t matter what he tried to do, each legal move by the good boy forced him three steps behind.

Angry, upset and afraid, the bad boy stood up, threw away the table, and dismantled the game. How did you do that, his glowering eyes seemed to say. The good boy sitting quietly by, lightly touched his heart with his right hand…My principles stayed the same, so He was faithful to His name. Therefore He not only kept me, so I could learn, but He gave me the Victory as well.

He Was Faithful To His Name

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