Test God’s Great Love For You

Ask Him to help you understand something you could never really wrap your head around. Something so personal to you, that only you know what it is.

That’s right, I said it. If you are unable to accept God’s great love for you, because it may seem too good to be true, or may seem to have periods in which it is seen and others in which it is not… this one’s for you.

You may generally have a good grasp of your reality, and are moving within it. You may be doing an excellent job while you are at it, of doing what it is that you are supposed to be doing. You are also miraculously able to keep your faith.

It is easy to assume that the reason for your faith is you constantly talking to God, praying, asking for answers and faith. Better yet, all seem to be praying for patience… patience to sit in contentment of His will…Right? Yes, sometimes, no? Trying to get there? Yeah, I hear you.

Let’s take this a little deeper. If in fact we are of the mind and spirit that God answers prayer, and that He is in fact listening, does it make sense that we still despair? This may be a part of the human condition, but if we in fact are dealing with a supernatural force, does this aspect of humanity not get rendered useless?

It is understandable if I were being attacked and had nothing to defend myself with. I wonder how high my confidence level would rise if I found myself holding a weapon that stops short any thought of attack.

My weapon would have to be significantly more powerful than my threat would be. If I was holding this weapon in my hand all day, every day… would I have any reason to fear for my well being?

God gave us the Victory in Jesus Christ (1 Cor 15:57). Did you hear that? He did not start off by giving us the tools (weapons) to fight for a successful life with, He first gave us the Victory. Once we accept this, Christ then works to show us where we are, could be, and how.

He hands us the tools, and with each walk and talk with Him, advises, cautions, encourages, motivates and rectifies the use of what He has given to us to fight the good fight. He turns us from victims and casualties, into soldiers, protectors, promoters, commissioners of Peace, and servants of those in need.

It is in accepting the least titles in the world, that He gives us the ultimate and choicest of His tools. It catches the enemy off guard. It brings home the most saints. That which belongs to, and is rooted in Him, have the foundations that belong to that which created the Earth. The Titanic did not stand a chance against the natural foundations of the cute little white iceberg. You get it.

The problem is that we are not listening. We allow troubles to take our joy away, and then start worrying that we are losing faith. Then we start doubting that we even had sufficient faith to begin with, and look at ways in which we can display the little faith we think we have.

We claim the overall salvation of Christ, and then fearfully walk around the world, trying to dodge every painful thing out there. We act as though we are alone, when in fact we keep professing to the world that we are with God.

If that were so, we would have many more bold people stepping out into their paths, and contributing to fellow brothers and sisters as God meant them to. If we were what we believed, we would be nudging along a whole lot of seemingly stuck people, and pointing out the good that is their life. That is all that we need sometimes, when we feel like we are dying under our deeply personal and closely held fears and problems.

It is our fear of acknowledging that in fact that which is Greater than All that ever was, is or is to come, loves us all deeply, and very, very much. So much so that He has strategically placed Himself in all corners of our lives should we feel lost and seek Him out. He answers prayers.

Never, ever get this twisted. God is not man that He should lie (Num 23:19). Now we already agree that He gave us the Victory in Christ. So now if God said:

 “So do not fear, for I am with you; 
   do not be dismayed, for I am your God. 
I will strengthen you and help you; 
   I will uphold you with my righteous right hand (Isaiah 41:10).”

then that right there is a promise that He has made! He has told us not to be afraid or dismayed, He is right there. He also tells us to lean on His promises, when things get rough. That is how He asks us to talk to Him.

Seek Him out. If you have something that is really bugging you, if something is not sitting right with you, if something just hurts you, ask Him to reveal His promise to you about that issue. You burying it farther behind or pretending that it doesn’t bother you is not lost to Him. We are told: Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows (Gal 6:7).”

Seek Him out in doing your research and searching within your soul your beliefs. Ask Him the questions you would were you house or job hunting! We never seem to hesitate to ask each other all the important questions but are hard pressed to ask God the Father that which is important to us. In the grand scheme of things, whose opinion should matter most, the one who sold your house or the one who paid the price for your soul?

We have the Victory people! It is not impossible to believe. It starts with an admission of how little faith we have. That’s it! It starts by telling God all the little, tiny things that we held back and buried a long time ago, when we determined them not to be that important after all. 

It is from a confession of these things, that we begin to understand how they informed our lives in more significant ways than we could have imagined. God knows what is important to you, and He wants to hear you talk to Him about them. Take it to Him, so you may let it go.

He is listening, and He knows what level of faith you have, even better than you do. He knows where your heart is, and where He intends it to be. You have no better influence in your life than God’s, and this is the ultimate truth. God is the Influence that you need if you are going to come out of this alive, and we are talking alive in Spirit and not of the walking dead.

If you are unable to reconcile a lot of things in your world and the concept of God, approach Him with your experiences in the instances you feel He did not exist, and ask Him to reveal Himself to you, according to His will. Ask for an open mind and a willing heart. 

Tell Him that you want to claim His promises for your life, but that sometimes, it gets hard to believe in Him, because you are not sure what was specifically promised to you. You are not sure if you are part of those who can go ahead and claim some things for their lives. Those things just never seem to work out, and so sometimes you are not too sure, but want to trust and try.

God wants you to know what good things He has already given you. He is trying to tell you that He has been blessing you, every single day and moment you supposed He was not. Ask Him to show you how to best utilize your faith. Better yet, ask Him how best to navigate all that He has given you, in the present situation you may find yourself in. Test His great love for you.

Test God’s Great Love For You

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