Care To Share My Dreams, Love?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we are unable to change our current realities. More often than not, the issue is situated in the involved parties.

It is easier to go after a personal goal or dream, than it is to realize one in which a second or third party is to be involved. As most of us find out, the actualization of most goals and dreams are tied in to someone else or other people.

We are able to go for what we want without a problem, it is going for the person we want to share these things with that can create problems for us.

Finding love is not easy because it cannot be bought, manipulated or controlled. Love just happens, wherever and however it finds itself. It doesn’t ask for permission to bless the individual/s with its gift, and a lot of times, shows up in people who were notinterested in finding love when they did. 

Love has a way of especially showing up in those people who thought themselves least likely to fall in love, love or want to stay in love. To find love however, is not enough. In fact, it would appear to be the first sign of trouble; feeling that which was not expected or particularly wanted. What does one do with the feeling of love? 

It is like receiving royalty at the house unannounced, when one is not even sure the place is in a state to receive any kind of guest, let alone royalty.

Love is royalty. It may not always be received as such, but there are a lot of people out there who still believe in love and its amazing powers. Some of these people have experienced it, but for most, it is something so deeply believed, it confounds all realistic reason. For these people, their prize is in the love that is found and treated like royalty. For others, they watch and wait in bated breath for their turns.

Turns. When is it one’s turn. What is one to do when s/he finds love and acknowledges it. That is, the individual has reached the humbling point in his/her life to say, “Ok, it is what it is. I am crazily in love with this person, and I don’t know what to do”. The last part would feature, because how the other person feels, is quite unknown or confusing.

There may be days when it is clear in the individual’s mind that s/he has indeed met his/her soul mate, many others in which the individual is not sure, and yet many more whereby it seems abundantly clear that the individual is in this alone. Who wants to go through that, or continue going through that? 

Can we understand why some people shut off their hearts, to preserve what little hope of love they feel they may have left? What of these people, should they re-evaluate their dreams to dis-include the other individuals, or leave great big blanks in them for …”whomsoever God shall choose for me”.

For this last sentence, how is one supposed to know whom God has chosen? Is it true that all spousal/partner decisions will be revealed as it was in the Bible, a literal sign or agreement between the individual and the Lord? What if this is not the approach He intends to use with us, are we patient enough to accept this? Can we also understand that sometimes the one who is meant to stay in our life, is the one who has never left. 

We all have those… people we wished would see the value in us, or others we wished we could view them as they wanted us to… in all these things, even though love did abide, it was not our gift to share with whom we wanted, or would have preferred. 

Love is funny like that. It doesn’t operate as we do, and uses its own system of allotment that can seem very unfair to a lot of people waiting by the sidelines.

So back to our dreams, our hopes and our plans. If it is in our hearts to share these things with someone, then let us let go of thehow and when. Let us take this time to prepare ourselves so that when the gift of love does come knocking, whatever the day or time, our houses will be ready for royalty. 

Let us prepare ourselves, so that at any given time, we are not looking back at time lost, or things we never did, while we waited on others to catch up, fall in line or fall out. The best thing we can receive in love is a partner who has acknowledged it, is ready and willing to share it, and has done a lot of internal work to be able to sustain it. All these things are possible in Christ. 

As we let Him do His best work in us, we also get to enjoy His perfect peace. It is nonsensical to those who observe us, this quiet calm as we respond to the never ending questions… aren’t you tired of being alone? Is there no one nice you can get to know? Did you want me to introduce you to some people? Are you not interested in marriage and family, your clock keeps ticking… on it goes.

If we believe in our hearts that God fulfills the desires of our heart according to His will, if we place Him first, then laugh at all the comments once we understand where they are coming from.  I like to look at it as God calling observers to the high table, for the feast He is preparing for me. 

Supporters, naysayers, unbelievers and believers alike, all those who have been in my story and have an indication of my journey are being called to my table. Those who are not my friends in word and deed are also being called to the high table. The goal is not to gloat over humanity, but to reveal God’s goodness and especially His faithfulness to those who believe in Him and call on Him. 

Even if finding someone to share our dreams is not high on our list, or a point of contention in our life… whatever it is that seems insurmountable to us because of who we are, and where we are, turn that thought-process around. Think of the things that we believe in our heart are promised to us, and rest assured that if in fact God has these plans for us, it will come to fruition in His time, for He is working it out for us right now.

What has been placed in our hearts is great. It will bring us the greatest joy, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Whenever we feel discouraged or impatient, when it seems hard not to envy those and that around us, remember that what we are getting is great, it will bring us the greatest joy, but also comes with a lot of responsibility. 

We must be ready for this, and if we are humble and patient, realize more times than not, how much we are not equipped to handle what we expect. Let the Lord prepare us then, so that shared dreams becomes our action, not picking up broken glass from shattered dreams we attempted to bring to life ourselves.
Care To Share My Dreams, Love?

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