Can I Just Pray

What Can I Do?

Am I to do anything? I can tell you what I think is wrong, I can show you where I believe you should go, I can assist you with what I think you need. A lot of these things you will reveal to me. You will tell me that you need advice, you will show me that you have a need. I will do what I can with what I am, know and what you have shown me. Do I know if I helped? Can I say that I tried? Do I believe that I might…

Be the one to help you see,
Show you the best I believe you can see in me,
Help you see what I can see,
Who am I to be that to you,
When flesh and bones is my disease,
My weakness,
My need.

Can I perhaps trust,
That each one was granted enough,
To help him or herself pull through,
Make do,
Be Who

He or she is supposed to be.

Where do I cross the line,
In helping or thinking that I can.
In being who I think that I am.
When through my own faults I cannot
hope to fix
what I dont know
of you or me.

Can I pray before I talk,
ask for understanding so I may know
ask for wisdom so I may grow
ask for humility so I may show
ask for help to my Almighty God

Who knows and sees all
Who made and created all
Who knew before we were formed
Who destined before we could crawl
Who fashioned before we could talk
Who decided before we could walk
Who is standing when we fall.

What can I do but what I am told to do.
Who am I when He knows you.
Where am I when He formed you.
What am I when He destined you.

Are you my lesson,
That I failed to see,
My reminder that nothing is me,
My solace that human is all I can be,
My sanctuary when all baffles me,
My history when I seek my future,
My future when I run away from my history,

A part of my path,
as I am yours.
A part of your life,
as you are mine.
Not mine, and not yours,

Just a part, as it was all meant to be,
Part of a sum, that we all fail to see,
Because we are too busy,
trying to be everyone to everything,

As though I were God,
As though I created you,
As though you fashioned me,
As though you know what lessons are meant to be,
As though I fully understand,
As though I fully can,
Control what is not meant to be,
For I am human, simple, flawed, me.

Can I pray before I think,
So He may show me the way,
So He may guide my steps,
So He may lead my help,
So It can be a blessing to you,
A lesson for me,
A part of this process,
Where all glory belongs to Him.

Can I Just Pray

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