Lessons From Nature

Why do we speak of what we believe things to be, then go ahead and experience a hard time finding it? We are so clear on what we expect of ourselves and each other yet struggle executing these man-made ideas. They are man-made are they not? Beliefs, expectations, experiences…are they not originated and culminated in our minds?

What is a problem but something that needs to be fixed. The moment a solution is found, the matter ceases to become a problem. It is stacked under the “achievement” section of our lives. Should we completely fail to find a viable solution in a timely manner, we relegate the problem to the “failures” aisle.

Our lives become compilations of things that have been achieved and/or failed. We look at action in our lives in as far as what we tried, and the results of those actions. We console ourselves with the memories of what we attempted and started to enjoy before everything changed. We disparage ourselves with memories of the things that changed, and how foolish it was of us to have hoped for better.

Think back to any period in our life when things seemed to be going so well.  Sometimes it seems like the moment we get ready to do or receive incredible things, incredibly terrible things happen. These experiences inform us of the cost of trying to go after our dreams.

Key word in the last sentence is “trying”. For as long as we do not see anything to fruition, all we can effectively say at the end of the day is that we tried. Our experiences then, cannot account for what could have happened had we continued, because we did not. Our experiences can only ever tell us what has factually happened. We may draw from observing and studying other outcomes, however we can never state an entirely similar outcome for our own.

The reason for this is invested in every fibre of our being. We are in fact, not a person too much on this earth. It is an incredible truth that each one of us is not an accident, or meant to live unfulfilled lives. Everything God created was intended. He doesn’t quite know how to make mistakes like we do. We made the first one when we decided to be god over our outcomes.

Instead of acknowledging that maybe we require some supernatural help to get us out of our problems, we further complicate things by trying a different approach. We normalize the pain from loss, struggle etc, and determine this to be the lives we were meant to live. In order to prevent our children from experiencing some of the things that we have done in the quest for fulfillment, we help determine the path of their lives with our choices. We teach them along the way to look out for themselves while helping each other. We mainly remind them that the world is a terrible place out there. Into the world we introduce another generation of dreaming under-achievers, pitted against realistic over-achievers. Remember the two sections we created over the sum of our lives to stack up the achievements and failures?

There are natural and man-made things in this world, and the task is to become knowledgable of the differences. Anything man-made has struggle, achievements and failures written all over it. This is the paradigm of human life. It helps justify the fate of those who seem overwhelmed by life and fall to the wayside. It explains why some people make it and others do not.

Nature operates far from this mould. Nature does what she Can now and today, leaving the results to the perfect balance of time. This is a formidable force we are speaking about. If nature wanted to take over her planet she has all the tools around her to wipe out humanity in a moment. Yet she relies on the perfect balance of time to take care of what she does. She continues in her steady committed work, so that some things take a week to reach maturity, while others over a hundred years. All elements around her work to the same tune. Have you ever seen water struggle to push a rock out of the way? Has the sun ever quit working due to an unseasonal amount of rain?

Consider this the next time you feel your blood pulse because you are beyond frustration with a result. Ask yourself what of this moment existed an hour ago, and what of it you will allow to carry onto the next. Look at the ways in which nature works and the results of her labor all across the universe. Know that you are part of this universal system, and can decide to rescind control in favor of inner peace.

Lessons From Nature

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